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Dan W. from San Carlos, CA

"Hi! Finding a trustworthy mechanic is tough. lucky for me i found Gibson. he does everything humanly possible with the job given & usually finds little stuff that he'll just work on-usually without charging you..that's unreal...

i drop off my SUV today & he shows me a car screwed up by a home wanna be mechanic...he spent 2 days taking apart entire interior of car to look at instrument panels...

He's not charging the guy even, and recommends that he gets rid of it do to the cars' worth in its current state...most greedy mechanics would be fixing and charging & charging & fixing..

Go to Gibson, if you want it done right the 1st time and at a fair price."

David W. from San Mateo, CA

"My 1996 VW Cabrio (known as "Cougar") just passed 275,000 miles on the original engine and original transmission. This is in very good part due to Gibson's intense attention to detail and care for my car. Having a good mechanic that you trust will do a good job taking care of your vehicle for a fair price takes a lot of the hassle and worry out of car ownership -- Gibson's the man! I've recommended several friends to Gibson and they've pretty uniformly been impressed by the quality of service he offers."

Nick T. from Redwood City, CA

"I found my favorite shop manager Gibson (he used to be at Prestige Autowerks) and he's now moved up one street to this location. Gibson really does great work and he's always very fair about what he charges you.

I brought in my car because the check engine light came on, and he read out the code, figured out what I need to repair, and ordered the parts. He also found two small leaks, fixed a pump that wasn't working, and looked over the whole undercarriage of the car. He didn't even charge me for the work, since he said he'll just charge me for his time next time, when the parts come in.

He's an honest guy, and it looks like this is my new place to go for all my automotive work."

Ryan C. from San Mateo, CA

"I've taken my BMW and Acura here for service. Gibson, the shop manager, is very knowledgeable, honest and customer service oriented. They have serviced my cars quickly and charge fair prices."

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