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Electrical Service

Power Supply

The equipment in a motor vehicle that provides electricity to start the engine and ignite the fuel and operate the lights and windshield wiper and heater and air conditioner and radio.

General Electrical Service Operation System

  • Circuit Testing and Troubleshoots
  • Fuse Box Service
  • Harness Repair
  • Regulator Repair
  • Relay Diagnosis & Repair
  • Sensor Diagnosis & Repair
  • Short Location & Repair
  • Voltage Regulator Repair
  • SRS (Air Bag) Service and Repair
  • Cruise Control Service and Repair
  • PCU (Computer Control System)
  • Horn Repair
  • Instrument Cluster Repair

Lighting System & Bulb Service

  • Headlight Service
  • Headlight Alignment
  • Tail Light Service
  • Turn Signal Lamp Service
  • Brake Lamp Service
  • Fog Lamp Service
  • Interior Lamp Service

Heating and Air Conditioning

  • Heating System Service
  • Heated Seat Repair
  • Climate Control System
  • Blower Motor & Fan Repairs

Entertainment System

  • Audio System Repair
  • Antennas & Antenna Masts
  • GPS System
  • Security System

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